SUE is a Doom Punk band from the Midlands. Known for their wild performances and scratchy punk sound, they have been parading around with confidence and an obvious passion for what they do. Their wails and whines, their distorted tones and frantic rhythms will grip you from start to finish. They embrace the chaos that lies within all creativity; they love what they do and have a fantastic time doing it.



"A rough and raw sound skilfully composed by a group of musicians whose talents go far beyond the DIY texture, they let these talents bleed through often enough to give the music some depth and weight but not so often as to compromise their core vision of pelting out fast, furious rock!" (Off The Hook Music Reviews)

"Stooges and Sex Pistols riffs abound as Sue put in their claim for the for leaders of the wannabe kings of the new guitar movement – as there certainly are a number of fine guitar bands forming and releasing records at the moment, and Sue are indeed up there with a fighting chance of making their way To the top of the pile." (Monolith Cocktail)

"The best hardcore influenced music straddles that thin line of self obsession and broken ego. You hate yourself but it’s also all you think about, and a lyric like “I see myself in all their faces… Just like them, I am nothing” is perfect. It’s visceral, it’s pissed off but it’s sad, even resigned. It’s saying something very complicated in a very simple way. It speaks to the voice in all of us." (Indie Midlands)

"This molten pot of guitars, percussion and guttural screeches is almost nuclear." (Express & Star)

"SUE is a gritty, attitude laden punk band that prides themselves on a noisy style that focuses on discovering beauty hidden amongst chaos. On their debut album, It Will Never End, they do just that: offer punk rock tunes that are gruff, chaotic, dirty and most of all beautiful." (A Look Into Music)

"Good on SUE for crafting a different kind of ‘noise’, one that will have more mass appeal thanks to its defiant stance. What other band would have even thought about wrapping up with a 14 minute track!? Something a little different too as it’s almost completely melodic and moves at a snails pace for most of its run-time. Bloody good though." (GBHBL)

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